Tiny little libraries

They’ve been quietly popping up in unexpected places — tiny little houses with glass windows, filled with books. They’re called little free libraries, and they’re a grassroots movement to promote literacy. We have one around the corner from us, and I’m gathering up children’s books to plop in it from my collection. There’s another neighborhood where they have a tiny library next to a lower little house on a pole with dog biscuits for the dogs that have to wait on their owners (I think that’s in the ritzy neighborhood). But it’s all the joy of a fairy house… with books.

Started by Todd Bol in Wisconsin, where I assume cold weather in the winter makes reading an essential luxury, there are now over 15,000 throughout the world. I spotted this one in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on the side of a store:

Free library of West Chester, PA

Little Free library of West Chester, PA

There are other great stories about the spread of this initiative. New Orleans, for instance, is celebrating the 3rd year anniversary of LFL in their town [link to the article]. So, have you seen a Little Free Library in your neighborhood? It’s like a Where’s Waldo search for the grownups….


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