Veterans Day

angelinPennStaThank you to all who served and who are still with us. And to all who served and were forever changed by the experience, either in good ways, or in extremely challenging ways.

No, I know the Pennsylvania Railroad War Memorial is not quite the right image (also called the archangel of the resurrection), since it memorializes the 1, 307 Pennsylvania Railroad employees who died in WWII. It really should be for Memorial Day. But, ever since first seeing this statue as a small child, I can only imagine life, hope, and rescue from war in the lines of the sculpture by  Walker Hancock. The new lighting in the station, though, changes everything and erases some of the mystery.

I found a video here from a train buff, showing the statue in better detail, with a zoom lens, as well as more of Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station (Penn Station).




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