One concert down, one to go

Our encore performance in Baltimore is on Tuesday, at 7. Last night’s concert felt magical for the singers. There’s just nothing like being in the middle of an orchestra or a choir, and feeling like you’re in a tidal pool of music. When everyone breathes at the same time, hits the notes in the right beat — it’s amazing. And, since we sing in a mixed chorus, with basses, sopranos, and tenors next to me, I really got to enjoy the other parts of the music instead of a wall of alto notes. This morning I slept in after the excitement of Saturday’s concert. This afternoon I’ve been baking for the reception, and checking which things need to go to the cleaner’s tomorrow to be ready for Tuesday.

The Lauridsen piece, Sure on this Shining Night, is beautiful, and fits so well into the winter season. It’s interesting to hear different choruses perform it, partly because our chorus is so much smaller. Different direction also changes the nuances, of course. So do different nights — every performance is unique. Tickets are still available, so if you’re in Baltimore, please consider buying a ticket and attending.


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