After driving back over the rivers and through the woods

treeornament2014The Jersey Pinelands are technically woods, and we did see a bit of the Poconos … Christmas Eve, we decorated M and D’s tree. Then we drove over to church to enjoy a lovely service and listen to M in the choir. Christmas Day, Julekake was eaten at breakfast, complete with geitost on top and strong coffee to drink. Christmas gifts were unwrapped, with the miracle of two pairs of identical gloves being given to M (everyone laughed). There was the “new to me” event of putting someone’s laptop on the table during Christmas dinner, so a family member could dial in an be present on video. Boxing day, after all the excitement, was so much more relaxed.

As usual, after a family get-together, I’m given either some needleworking tool that was used by someone in the 1950s, or a piece of needlework no one knows what to do with. This year, I scored one size 13 Boye crochet hook (not the USA size at all), as well as several others of unmarked size with needle covers. As a result, while happily searching around for information on the internet, I found this lovely site about crochet, filled with pictures of crochet as well as data on crochet hooks.

Yesterday was spent making Lucia bread in my own kitchen (very late for the season, but oh so good). And today, now that the rains have stopped, I think we will finally get a walk outdoors after all the time cooped up in houses or in a car to get to places. Although the Gardener did get to plant some rescued plants from the family garden (her version of crochet hooks of antiquity, perhaps).

I hope your holidays, whatever they might be, were filled with happiness and visits with family and friends. More about recent knitting once the project is done (although, why is the second sock always smaller, and should I just go up a size when I start the second one?).


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