A bit like Castrovalva

Up on the hillside behind the hotels and restaurants are the rose gardens of a monastery, a castle, a deer preserve — all on terraces.

RapperswilEverything seems circular — up a long staircase cut into the hill, and you’re up past the monastery and into the castle grounds, then to a church, and then back down to the main part of town. I only had a day to myself, unfortunately, but I managed to get out of Zurich so I could see some of the country. The older part of Rapperswil-Jona felt a bit like Castrovalva in Dr. Who (probably due to all the different steps going up and down, and the circular terraces), only without the Master hiding somewhere. There’s an island in the middle of the lake/river where there once was a prehistoric pile dwelling and others nearer the shore; I did walk out on a wooden bridge that was supposed to be near one of the sites. According to a UNESCO website dedicated to Pile Dwellings around the Alps, there are remains of older civilizations that you can walk over without knowing it throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Slovenia.

I took lots of pictures of the mountains across the plain. More photos will pop up in my flickr feed on the side, probably, but not a great deal of insight on which mountain peak I captured in a photo. Link to the Tardis Wiki for the Castrovalva plotline here. Not to be confused with the actual Castrovalva, in Italy, which clings to a much larger hillside (the inspiration for one of Escher’s prints, which I think were in turn inspiration for the Dr. Who episode… stuck in a bit of recursion.)


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