City life, as things sort of get back to normal

I’ve been getting to see some wonderful reporting on amazing moments here in Charm City, including a march of the clergy through the streets, with a news reporter (Deborah Weiner) covering it via cell phone. I’ve heard that people think the media aren’t covering enough positive things, so that people only see the bad of the city. That may be true in Washington DC or New York City or London, but here in Baltimore, they’re reporting both the good and the bad.

When driving to work in gridlock, I saw signs posted in shop windows, written with children’s markers: “we love our city.” and “Peace on our block”. Other shop windows were boarded up. While out in the suburbs, I walked into one of the big, shiny grocery stores, and I was overwhelmed by the contrast.

Hopefully now peaceful protests will be able to get the message across without violence — something is broken and needs to be fixed in our community. Every life is precious, and we’re all one human family. I promise to get back to talking about books next time, and a few of my knitting projects.


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