Kitten wrangling



“We have a runner…” This is almost always said with amusement, partly because the kitten (Ember) is so small. Not so funny when the little screaming mimi is hanging from the back of the needlepoint rocker from my grandmother, or hurtling her tiny 6-week old body towards the staircase and the elder cats (who are very much not amused). Right now we have the door closed and a box blocking the base of the door, because she’s so very small that she can squeeze out of spaces like something from a sci-fi movie.

Yesterday the first visitors came over to look at the kitten (and be cautioned that we don’t want her to think of fingers as “prey”). The older cats have needed a lot of reassurance, and quiet time away from all the fuss.

Mostly the kitten has the zoomies, and is unable to stay still. But today I enjoyed a rare second when she wanted to sit on a lap and take the briefest of cat naps.


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