Cat rodeo

Poor Malkin. Below is from the days of leisure, when he was able to fend off the other cat for hours of time on the sun porch. Now, he’s the innocent bystander/hapless pony (or gazelle) being ridden by the kitten/cowboy/small tiger. It’s most undignified for a 14 year old cat.

His Most Serene Fluffybutt enjoying the sun porch

His Most Serene Fluffybutt enjoying the sun porch

Meanwhile, Leia is having none of it (she wasn’t named after a princess for nothing).


As for us, we’re protecting cheese sandwiches as best we can, intervening between cat and kitten when we must, and considering a run to the store for more bactine. We keep reminding ourselves that for Malkin, this is a little bit of payback after he tortured the older cat when he was introduced 14 years ago (when the elder one was in an Elizabethan collar after a procedure). So, has anyone had great success introducing a new blissful bundle of tooth and claw into your house?

Have you noticed that the older cat that’s getting the worst of it will go out and seek his small oppressor when he feels a little dull?


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  1. 1 Anne Bonney July 1, 2015 at 9:21 am

    When Murphy was the elder house cat and Sam (Cmdr. Samuel Vimes) was the younger, Sam would heckle Murphy – bouncing over him, charging and then just missing him, tackling his tail. Murphy calmly accepted this behavior – up to point. When he had enough, he shot out a paw and cuffed Sam a good one. These things tend to even out.

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