Autumn Fire Fest

Raku outdoors.

Raku outdoors.

The local nonprofit ceramic arts workshop, Clayworks, had an Autumn Fire Festival. Activities included:

  • Raku firing in front of the studios
  • Local bands playing outdoors in the back lot
  • A cookout near the bands (if you paid admission, you got a ticket for just normal grub, and a beer)
  • The opportunity to try handbuilding
  • And a Clay-olympics or Clayathon (there were little silvery laurel wreaths they were handing out, and prize mugs)
Yes, throwing with your bare feet. How did they clean them in the tall sinks afterwards?

Yes, throwing with your bare feet.

Spectators indoors could become participants in the clayathon, competing to pull the longest handle, make the tallest pot on a wheel, or throw a pot with their feet (yes, bare feet*).

Meanwhile, as it grew to be dusk, a local troupe came to do fire baton twirling and hula-hooping with a ring of fire. I was amused by all the people driving past the event who were stoically ignoring the festival going on below them. I managed to get some video of the fire twirling, but I’m unsavvy enough that I don’t know how to post them. A photo will have to do, and I’ll post some more on my Flickr feed.clayworks-hula

It’s a great organization, and I’d love to carve out time to go to a class again in the Spring, maybe. So, any autumn festivals happening in your area?

*Not sure how they got the clay off their feet. But it was hilarious, and everyone was a good sport about getting clay slip on their clothing.


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