Jonas, the very naughty storm


Copernicus statue, Warsaw

In January, I traveled to Europe for meetings. Going to another country is always interesting, although it’s normally more fun when on holiday. During my week, I started to get word that my flight home might be rerouted. And then it was canceled.

I found myself at loose ends and decided to walk to a museum or two. The Chopin museum in Warsaw: highly rated, and they managed to get around the translation issue by providing people with electronic keys (like an electronic door entry device) that you hold up to different video monitors. You either got subtitles, or an explanation in your language. It was a lovely interlude of music and history, and interactive things. If you’re in Poland and you like classical music, schedule time for this one. I walked in the frosty air, hit 7 miles on my pedometer that day, and generally had a good time because I was going home. I went back to the hotel, packed my stuff, and set my alarm, ready to head off after a lovely treat.

Then my flight home was canceled again. Jonas had been a very naughty storm, trashed the eastern seaboard and made it impossible for planes to land. So I had a tiny little meltdown. I can’t imagine I was the only person who felt that way, but people in the travel team were really kind. The piles of snow  were impressive once I got home, the plows broke down in our street, and I did have to shovel the front walk multiple times.

Hopefully you weren’t one of the people affected by the storm, or its aftermath as it headed to the UK as torrential downpours.


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