The trouble with kittens

The trouble with kittens — they get unusually large over a short time period. Our 2.5 year old (and growing) cat has developed a rather tugboat shape, and she now shows a little bit of interest in laps (due to the cold). It’s an awkward thing, though… more like having a velociraptor decide she wants to be tame in your lap. I can’t fully trust her during those handfull of times.

But, mostly, Ember is mostly interested in tasting all the plastic bags (bin liners, plastic window sheeting), eating as much peanut butter as possible, and rocketing off the walls. We have a few toys that distract her. When she isn’t sleeping, she’s laser focused on her goals of annoying the eldercat, stealing my seat, and fishing in the water glasses.

It’s wonderful trouble to have, although I think the long-haired eldercat doesn’t agree.



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