Silliness and books

The silliness…..

I’ve been segmenting my evenings from serious stuff (work/the latest news). And once, when we didn’t have power because of a line repair, I went to the movie theater to enjoy their heat, light, and be amused for a while.

The Movie

Silly movie to go see: Knives Out. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a Christie-esque whodunit, with actors who give the performances of their lives… people who I wasn’t sure would fit in a comedy ensemble (Don Johnson, Chris Pine, Daniel Craig). And Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Plummer play their roles with elan (and a whole lot of humor). It does have barf humor/plotlines. If you can’t deal with that… I’d skip it.

The Books

Catherynne M. Valente, Space Opera. [Link is to an independent bookseller in the USA, but I suspect it’s available on Am$z0n or can be ordered in your region.] First, if you don’t know what Eurovision is, go here. And then imagine it held in space, between lots of planets. Somewhat reminiscent of the good things from Hitchhiker’s Guide, with a unique story/universe, etc.

Rosemary Mosco’s Birding is my Favorite Video Game. If you want a taste, check out her Bird and Moon comics here. This was a gift from a very smart family member who found out I was a fan of the comics. It was read by multiple family members before it was wrapped. Nerdy and fun. Possibly teen friendly.

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  1. 1 Anne Bonney January 24, 2020 at 12:02 pm

    These are some interesting tips. I will follow up on them!

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