Birdsong and flowers

Magnolias in bloom

People have pointed out we can’t cancel spring. As someone for whom March is a depressing anniversary, it can feel relentlessly cheerful. But cheer is what’s needed when everyone is self-isolating, isn’t it? Every day I’ve been pausing away from work (and the relentless drip of news), to walk around the yard.

I look at the sky, marvel at the buds on the Shadblow Serviceberry, follow the stupid rabbit (too bold for a yard where neighbor cats roam), and watch the bluejays bicker over the berries on the privet (at least I think it’s a privet… my plant knowledge is incredibly suspect). The Gardener is delighted that a row of flowers she had planned has come up. Our garden’s first spring tulip is going to open tomorrow, possibly.

Because so few people are coming to the movie theater, the restaurants, and the bars, we are treated to the sounds of twittering birds (and the shussssh of cars in the distance). At night, our neighborhood retreats like Brigadoon back to the countryside flower nursery before is became part of the city. The fog of springtime rolls in, shrouding the relentless city lights. Only foxes travel on the side street, after darkness settles.

Here are some links to birdsong, because I’ve got the opportunity to improve my listening, and maybe you do too:

As seasonal allergies lessen and it gets warmer outside, I’m hoping for some days with windows open during early morning coffee. Let me know if you’ve heard something wonderful in your neighborhood.


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