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Lots of rain equals

…lots of time for the cats. And also: opportunity for the crickets to escape the basement and become lots of toys for the cats. Altogether now: ick!


I am glad that we’ve had more than 2 days without rain. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to take walks without an umbrella or raincoat.

In book news, I’ve found a wonderful book on trees called Seeing Trees by Nancy Ross Hugo, with positively luminous closeup photographs by Robert Llewellyn of bark, leaves, fruit, acorns. Everything that’s inaccessible while you walk thru a city park with protective barriers around the trunks.

In other news, Inktober is in full swing, so I’m tweeting different pics. Not sure if I’m keeping Flickr in the sidebar, due to changes of service, so I haven’t been putting any images there. Let me know in the comments if I should, while I ponder other photo sharing services that will work with Ravelry, etc.

Cats and photography


His Most Serene Fluffybutt enjoying the sun porch

No videos to show here. I haven’t quite worked out what platform I’d want the videos to be on…. But I have videos and photos of horse jumping contests, sheepdog contests, races I’ve attended, and video after video of my cats (kittenhood to old age). Does anyone else do it too?

I spent a few minutes hunting up videos from when Malkin was still with us, and when he and Leia were best buddies. Those were amazing days for both cats: Leia would lie near him and hope he would wash her ears. I only got video once. But it’s proof that before Malkin got sick, he was a sweet, thoughtful cat.


I think if he hadn’t been so calm and placid, we wouldn’t have Leia now, because she never would have calmed down enough to be pet (or be A pet). Our rescue princess is 15 years old…. and I feel we’ve all reached an amazing milestone.

Over 10 years ago

… You know how WordPress (and other sites) love to tell you how many years you’ve been doing a thing (or how many months).  So I went back to the beginning, and looked at my first post on this little site. And it seemed pretty simple… I was adjusting to extra time, living in a new place, learning a new rhythm. And from that “really simple” post, we’ve had:

A lot has been going on behind the scenes here, and through it all it’s been interesting to see what people find via search engines, or what posts get comments. Many of my posts were written with this grey sweetheart sitting on my lap (long gone, safe from the terrors of the Kitten).  But I think his philosophy still stays true, 10 years later: Happiness can be simple. At least from the cat perspective, we just need to find the right spot.



His Most Serene Fluffybutt enjoying the sun porch

The trouble with kittens

The trouble with kittens — they get unusually large over a short time period. Our 2.5 year old (and growing) cat has developed a rather tugboat shape, and she now shows a little bit of interest in laps (due to the cold). It’s an awkward thing, though… more like having a velociraptor decide she wants to be tame in your lap. I can’t fully trust her during those handfull of times.

But, mostly, Ember is mostly interested in tasting all the plastic bags (bin liners, plastic window sheeting), eating as much peanut butter as possible, and rocketing off the walls. We have a few toys that distract her. When she isn’t sleeping, she’s laser focused on her goals of annoying the eldercat, stealing my seat, and fishing in the water glasses.

It’s wonderful trouble to have, although I think the long-haired eldercat doesn’t agree.



March comes in like a kitten

… a #kitten whose every waking moment is filled with a search for the best toy/object to bite/inappropriate place to climb ever.


I receive “help” as I put away some candles.

I think you can sum up the mood of the humans in the house as: “exhausted, amused, and semi-bitten”. She zooms from sleep, to waking, to frightened of snow shovels with snow on them, to biting the older cats. All of which explains lack of knitting content, lack of reading content, languishing blog, etc. Pretty much it’s all kitten time, except when she’s sleeping on our feet.

Kitten news

ember2We’re getting close to “cat news” now, with the newbie (almost 5 or 6 months?). She’s been terrorizing Leia, ambushing the eldest when he goes to use the box, and generally growing up and learning (slowly) how to cat.

So, Ember… listen to the elders. And, also: less biting makes us a bit fonder (but oh, so many exciting things to scratch, claw, and bite).


When you are a cat of a certain size, it’s important to stay on top

… of your mail.


Ember, looking like she’s perusing Pensey’s Spices catalog (ooh, cinnamon). She’s actually being soulful about ham soup, and looking small to intensify her chances of morsels (didn’t work). Her favorite teething pillow (which was chosen for decor, not her convenience) is on its side behind her. Gardening books live behind the Morris chair. So… kitten status done. No time now for discussions of the Autumn Fire Festival. Once I’ve looked at my photos of the Raku firing and the fire baton twirlers, I’ll be able to describe. October = a month chock full of farm festivals, local fundraisers, and baking opportunities.

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