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Knitting progress, and glimmerings of new projects

Now that I’ve gotten back to the States, I’ve been going pretty fast (for me) on the Miami Vice/Tequila sunrise socks. (You’ll note they were started in October of last year, oh readers with Rav access. Yes. I knit pretty slowly.) As normal for a pair of socks, I need to tink back a little and add 2 more repeats before I restart the toes of the second sock (I got a little excited and started the decrease too soon, possibly while distracted by the US Figure Skating Championships. These were an optimistically started Christmas present until I decided maybe the recipient would enjoy a jar of quince jelly if she didn’t know about the socks. 🙂

Although, given the weather we’re scheduled to get this evening and tomorrow, and then Tuesday morning, perhaps the socks would have been very welcome warmth and color. I suspect there will be a lot less snow than the weatherpeople claim, but it sounds like areas to the north are going to be be busy digging out.

I’ve bought another bit of yarn (socks or another cowl) by Tempting Ewe Yarns called “Ewe so Sparkly” in the color Pixie. I need to think about whether it will be better as accent yarn with another sock yarn, or make a really sparkly cowl. Also, late last year I bought a kit to make a fair isle wrap (The Gardener pointed out the kit to me). This may be my year of selfish knitting, because I can’t imagine anyone else in the family who would ever wish to wear either.

So, is anyone else’s knitting for 2015 turning out to be for themselves and not for others for a change?