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Advent Calendar – Christmas Day

The last day on an Advent calendar normally has double doors. If it’s a religious calendar, it normally shows the holy family and the babe, etc. etc. If it’s a secular calendar, it might be a scene from inside a candy store, or looking at a hearth with stockings hanging from the mantel. I had thought, originally, that I might make this an art calendar. And then, 2020 being what it is, I settled for sharing favorite photos.

So here, for Christmas day, is a photo of glorious stained glass from Sixth Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Stained glass, predominantly in greens and yellows, with a trefoil shape at the top of the bottom rung of panels and then arches above those.
Photograph of a stained glass triptych, with arched windows.

And one of the entryways to the Kolner-Dom (Cologne Cathedral: Hohe Domkirche Sankt Petrus). More information on the Cathedral is at this link:

Gothic entranceway with a statue of mother and child in between two banks of doors, with an ornate arch with many carvings above them.
I love this archway, with Mary and the baby, flanked by robed people (possibly from the Bible) and the rows of scenes from the bible in the archway (Adam and Eve at the top, then Abraham, and others).

And an art installation from the Burning Man exhibition that came to Washington, DC. So glad I got to see that before it closed. It was very interesting.

Photo of folded paper statue lit from within. The statue is larger than a person, and moves.
Folding mushrooms from Burning Man.

Happy holidays, and here’s to a better, and healthier new year!

Advent Calendar – Day 25

Photo of an orange cat with stripes and big paws. He is looking directly at the viewer with big amber eyes. He is sitting on a table in front of a window with a paper shade.
I’ve been a good boy, and Santa should bring me a box of tissues to destroy. And cheese. Have you heard the gospel of cheese?

It’s little Christmas Eve. Time for rice pudding and more of the Lucia bread. Raphael votes for cheese (sheep or goat cheese would be the best).

Advent Calendar – Day 24

Shelf fungus seen in a Christmas Eve walk.

Sometimes you see beautiful Christmas decorations on Christmas Eve when you visit your family and go for a walk. Other times you see amazing fungi. I’m assuming these are some type of bracket fungus or shelf fungus. This Christmas Eve will be different than others, and any walks will need to include masks because in the city social distancing can be tricky. Hope you’re finding something beautiful near you.

Advent Calendar – Day 23

Photo showing the Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD, with purple Christmas lights strung up it. Ciy night scene, fog.
From a walk back in 2018 in Baltimore, MD

Remember the pre-pandemic days when you could just go downtown in a city, and walk around and not worry about how many people there were? Good times. We’ll get there again. It’s just going to take a while.

Meanwhile: happy Solstice. Here’s to the increase of the light.

Advent Calendar – Day 22

I know it looks like I’ve done the Advent calendar wrong, because I started in November (with the first Sunday in Advent). But this was one of those vagaries of American Advent calendars (25 days only beginning with December) and some of the European ones we got (it was an extra surprise when there were only 3 Sundays prior to Christmas on the December calendar, so there’d be extra days of chocolate…. or pictures). I’d rather have more pleasant surprises this year.

Photo of an orange cat with olive-amber eyes and en extreme closeup of his right front paw gesturing at the camera. Lots of toe floof.
This is a view I often see from my work computer. Look: toe beans!

Advent Calendar – Day 21

Interior photo of a two story train station with a barrel roof with hexagon decorations. There is a lit Christmas tree on right side of picture.
Photograph of Christmas Tree in Union Station, Washington, DC.

If you look closely, you can see strings of American flag banners going up the tree. Not sure what year this photo was taken, but it is pre-2020. I’m hopeful to be able to enjoy visiting DC in the future, once the pandemic is over. It’s a lovely city, especially when Metro is running well enough to ease traffic.

Advent Calendar – Day 20

Photo of a glass bird, glass balls, and metal icicles on the branches of a fir tree.
Photo of a tree from yesteryear.

It’s a weird year. The stand on the corner where we’ve always gotten a tree didn’t open this year, due to the pandemic. Maybe the owners had a mix of justifiable fear that there would be no social distancing and that there were no employees willing to be breathed on by the people in the city.

Even though we already decided not to risk going to buy a tree, it’s depressing. Luckily I have lots of photos to enjoy. Raphael* already notarizes boxes and wants to play with willow twigs. I hate to think what his reaction would be to a whole tree.

*He isn’t a woodchuck or a wild creature, just a weird little cat.

Advent Calendar – Day 19

What is in your cookie tins this festive season? I’ve been savoring chewy noel bars and peppermint chocolate pinwheels. In the past, I’ve had lovely treats (like in the photo below) from the bakery, but we’re doing home baking this year.

Photograph of two linser tart cookies with red jam on a blue and white floral plate, with a blue striped dish towel in background.
Photo of linzer tart cookies in the shape of hearts.

Here’s a link to a simple, easy recipe for noel bars:

My version has pecans, and I followed the Fannie Farmer Cookbook because it’s in my kitchen. ๐Ÿ™‚

Advent Calendar – Day 18

Photo of a wide expanse of beach and people sunbathing and sitting under umbrellas. A sailboat is near the horizon.
It’s been a blustery raw day all day, so time to remember sunny days at the beach.

I think this was the beach near Harkness Memorial State Park in Connecticut. Maybe Ocean Beach Park? Definitely not in winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

Advent Calendar – Day 17

Photo of a squirrel in the crook of a tree, gazing back over its shoulder at camera person. Stone building in background.
American gray squirrel in a decorative plum tree.

But for the squirrel, this photo might remind you of the set from Miss Marple.