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Back to school, 2014

This morning began the ritual of kids going back to school. Young children in blue shirts and blue slacks or plaid skirts walked hand-in-hand with Dad or Mom, their backpacks looking too large for them to carry. There may have been a sale on purple backpacks with polka dots –> Hard to tell, but it was a theme at the little grade school down the block.

Along with the parents and children, a very tall man strode up the street towards the grade school, with a small corgi slung over the back of his neck. The corgi seemed to be having a lovely time.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if the local news would alternate between the suburban kids getting off their yellow school buses, and instead document the small parades of parents and kids (and corgis), and tiny buses I get to watch in the city? Possibly more entertaining…. [Dear news media: stop pitching stories like the only people who watch the morning news are suburban moms.]

Experiment with Pearl watercolors

Since today is the first of many days with weak sunlight, this is the best my camera will be able to do.So, what do you think? Try the Yasutomo watercolors out on darker watercolor paper? Or try using them to accent things where I want a bit of shine, even if the background is white?