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Spring has sprung

There are slow motions toward spring cleaning. Emphasis on the “slow”.

It’s hard to work up enthusiasm for cleaning while the outdoors is so beautiful….

Blooms at the arboretum

Blooms at the arboretum

We went to the US National Arboretum last weekend, before the weather turned cold again. There were so many people hiking, basking in the sun, and taking photos. The azalea gardens are a great draw, and they have already started.

We did not see the latest attraction — the bald eagle’s nest — because the roads were closed off to pedestrians and cars, to protect the new pair. It’s been about 70 years since there was a nest at the arboretum, so they’re being quite thorough (including volunteers guarding the roadways to keep us tourists out).

The bees made up for no sightings of eagles on wing. I caught a photo bee-2015-natlarboretumof one in the ornamental quince bush in the Chinese gardens.

Red azalea from backyard

Red azalea from backyard by rjknits
Red azalea from backyard, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Since I’m not the Gardener, I can’t really tell if this is an azalea or a rhododendron. Project Spectrum 5 has started, with red as the first color. [And, somehow, I lost the rest of this post, so I’m typing like mad to reinsert the quote I found, at least.]

“Bees and butterflies are generally not attracted to red flowers because they lack visual sensitivity to that color.” David Lee. Nature’s Palette: The Science of Plant Color. Published by University of Chicago Press, 2007.

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