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Drowsy, downy, solitary bee

bee hiding behind a flower

Picture of bee taken at the height of summer -- when bees ARE busy

I must have swept against its rest, among sunflowers by the way,

For a solitary, sleepy, snoozing un-busy bee clung to my leg,

Sprawled over my knee. Pollen clung to her legs, antennae,

And fuzzy body spritzed by dew.

It must have been a good party in the sunflowers,

Leaving her drowsing in the cold morning —

Her clear wings, pearlescent, periwinkle,

Drawn up against the chilly air.

As she stirred, I gently picked a leaf

And held it under one foot until she stepped away from

The strangeness of cotton fabric — one leg, two leg, three leg —

So I could leave her drowsing

In a stand of half-furled chrysanthemums.

— (C) rjn 9/3/2009

“H” Is for “Herbs”

Bees like catmint (at least I think it's catmint) too

Bees like catmint too

The southern and western sides of the yard yield amazing herb plants — shrubs of rosemary, fresh sage, many different varieties of mint taking over the yard, thyme for omelets, catmint for the cats, and oregano. They’re mixed in with flowers, so it’s a beautiful, decorative accent, as well as providing lots of good scents and good cooking opportunities. The Gardener really loves flower gardening, and I’m really happy that’s the hobby chosen since I enjoy looking at flowers.

Different varieties of mint grow by the back door

Different varieties of mint grow by the back door

“H” is also for “hedge”. I live in a house with a garden that other people might be envious of, if they could see beyond the giant crynoid hedge-o-doom in the front. Everything’s populating that hedge, and I dream about razing the whole thing down to the ground. But unfortunately (or fortunately) the hedge provides an ecosystem that shelters the yard from high winds, the birds from predators, and the butterflies from high winds and rainstorms. I’m a softie, fueled by amazing levels of apathy. I think it’s also keeping the hill/old creek bed from dropping onto the sidewalk. I know for certain it’s hiding a particularly hideous wire fence.

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