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Red berries in the north woods

red berriesIt’s hard to believe these were real — but they were. Lovely red berries that captured the light and made me think of beautiful, clear jelly. This photo was taken during a short trip to the woods surrounding Lake Champlain. We saw many many rowboats as well as sailboats on the water. Dodged a couple of rainstorms, and survived one huge thunderstorm. Luckily, not that many mosquitoes saw me. 🙂

BTW: Lake Champlain is skinnier than I remembered. I must have been near it in the past and just thought it was a wide, huge river. Of course, that would have been riding with the family in my teens, when I probably had my nose in a book reading about ancient Egypt or Sumeranians.

Edited to add: This may be Japanese Honeysuckle fruit (it’s an invasive).

It does not appear to be any of the following: elderberries, red currants, vibernum, winterberry, or dogwood. However, I could be wrong. I am not a horticultural expert, and I do not believe these are edible berries at all (in fact, they seem to fit the bill of “fit only for the birds” and poisonous for the rest of us, since no one in the forest seemed to be eating these.)

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