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Skeins on a plane

… On a recent business trip, I took a skein of Tess’s sock yarn that had gotten tangled. By the time we landed, I almost had a nice, sturdy ball of yarn. Untangling is a lovely zen activity for travel.

Not much of knitting interest happened, except when I discovered a yarn shop that had just closed for the week and the truly lovely moment when a colleague complimented me on my mittens. I may have burbled about the pattern (Bird in Hand) before I remembered I was supposed to be *serious*. 🙂

Interior thoughts on a knitting project

  1. I wish I had figured out how long the thumbs would be before knitting these mittens.birdinhand-stump
  2. I want to redo the Bird in Hand Mitts again, in a smaller scale (extra small here I come)
  3. I’d love to shorten the fingers and thumbs (but they’ve already felted beyond the ability to tink back).
  4. I wish I had known how great this wool would be — I would have acquired Foxfire Fiber Cormo Silk Alpaca for a hat and cowl.
  5. The colors I used were aster and white.

The wool just gets lovelier as I keep wearing the mittens. And the mittens are the perfect thing to wear on your hands during our deep freeze winters. But if I lived in Wisconsin or Michigan right now –> thrums would be better. They “marinated” in the projects pile since 2010 (started while watching the Olympics). This year, other projects that have been malingering are getting done.

Weather – always a great conversation starter

If you’re ever in the USA, and you’re out of things to talk about… skip politics. Almost everyone can talk about the weather (while Christian charity, or fear of offending, keeps some people from talking politics). Weather is safer than talking football (you can offend 10 out of 10 people easily with American football). But there are a few simple things about regional weather:

  • In the South/near the Mason Dixon line, people are a bit jittery about “the white stuff”.
    • This is why there’s the phenomenon of “emergency French toast”
    • If you don’t have eggs, milk or bread when the weather service forecasts 4 inches of snow, you won’t find any on the shelves
    • Take the day off to wait in lines — seriously
  • People further North look at blizzard conditions and think
    • Finally, time to play with the new snowblower
    • Thank g*d this isn’t rain
    • Please, let the [favorite shore place] survive the high tides

No matter where you live (tornado alley/Bible belt, earthquake country/California) there’s weather to talk about. And my family isn’t too picky: if there’s no weather phenomenon near us, we’ll talk about the flooding they’re having in the UK in Somerset [like something horrible out of Nine Tailors, actually], or a warm snap in Canada. Our current cold snap has encouraged me to finish a whack of projects, including the Bird in Hand Mitts. Photos as soon as they’ve had their dunk or have the ends woven in. Also — a new hat started, probably inspired by the news that they’re likely to get snow in Florida (thank you Polar Vortex 2/Alberta Clipper or whatever they’ve dubbed you), and the high, cold winds we have here.

Shh: in the middle of finish-itis

This year, I’ve been trying to clear off personal projects (unfinished things that started out fun, but were put the wayside by my love of books).

Note to self — remember how much you love colorwork? Next time select something with an a rhythmic pattern. It’s hard to concentrate on something like Kate Gilbert’s Bird in Hand when I want to finish The House I Loved by Tatiana Rosnay (more on that later). I think I started this back in 2012 (I just checked Ravelry — more like 2009. This project has been marinating!). I’m still in the middle of the first mitten. Next time, something with a bit of colorwork then miles of stockinette might go faster. Still, I want these mittens, and hope to get started on the left one soon. If Wilkie Collins doesn’t interfere. So, what knitting projects do you select for knitting and reading? Might as well work with my strengths.

Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand

No, I did not medal in the 2010 Knitolympics

I didn’t even come close. Just one of those things where real life got in the way of a goal. But I did get a mitten started, using yarn from my stash (a lovely impulse buy). So, I lift my skiing pole/um, knitting needle and shake it at the sky. No giant slalom for me. No long-distance skiing. Instead, the start of a lovely mitten. Let’s call it a practice run. 🙂


Ice dams (or ice damns) have been holding things up around here. Going for a walk, I saw small creeks forming in alleys that still had ice and snow. Picturesque houses on the ritzy side of town had gutters torn down from the force of the storms, with ice floes stuck in the fancy storybook style rooflines.

The ice slowly thaws, creaking as it breaks off the outside of the downspout. Life slowly thaws. And today I saw the first snowdrops and finally found the witch hazel that has been scenting the air so sweetly. The universe stops holding its breath, and I find that I have the goal of finally figuring out how to have a work-life-home balance again (I’m sure you’re all relieved). I will be posting sporadically over the next few months, but then again, I think I’ve been posting sporadically all along.

Proof that this is a sort of knitting blog: I’ve cast on for my “olympic knit” (Bird in Hand mittens) in delft purple with white accents. Size: ridiculously small.

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