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Clay date slabs

1 Item sent to the bisque shelf — hopefully the edging I put on it will make it less Black Cauldron worthy.
I also learned to use a hump mold, after making slabs on the slab roller and decorating the slabs with stamps created in an earlier class.

I think this could get to be an expensive hobby. (ooh, look plaster sprig molds for making your own ferns or your own trout reliefs to decorate clay tiles, etc.) You can make templates from everything, including cutting up a paper coffee cup from a certain large coffeeshop chain… cut on the seams, flatten the sides so you can cut around it… and hey presto a cup template.

There are ways to  re-use clay if you despise what you’ve created (at least up until the firing). I’m hoping someday to be around when they fire up the wood kiln, because that looks pretty cool. At least this lets me connect with something other than work, until it gets later lighter, so I see something other than a dark highway to and from work.

Making mud pies

I’m off making mud pies… well, actually it’s a clay class.
Unfortunately for me, my first effort looks rather like a blonde version of the cauldron in Lloyd Alexander’s The Black Cauldron.

So, now I contemplate if I should fire it in the kiln and see if trying cool glazes will make me think less of it as an interesting exercise.

And… I’m making more mud pies. Maybe pictures once something is done.