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NYTimes goes blue

New York Times has a lovely article about “Blue through the centuries” here .

It’s a short article, but brings up the image of blue as a rare color, in the arts and textiles. Lapis lazuli mixed with gold to adorn Egyptian tombs, factories in ancient Rome and Mesopotamia devoted to the production of the color blue. The interactive slideshow of blue things might be the most fun, of course. But the NYT doesn’t stop there:

Scientists have been studying the color blue and how different animals recreate the color through means other than “being” blue. Read the article here. Make me want to re-read my books on the origins of colored pigments.

Blue angel of the morning

ImageIt seems appropriate that my last color of my rainbow shoot is: blue. The favorite color of many, blue fills the sky, reflects in the ocean, and fills the English language with sayings:

  • Blue heaven
  • Bluestocking
  • The blue hour

According to the OED, from the time of Middle English, one of the definitions of blue is “Of the colour of the sky and the deep sea, between green and violet in the spectrum…” This and the positive uplifting nature of things like bluebells, and sweet blueberries, makes it difficult to quite understand why “The blues” (depression of the spirit, or bluesy music) and the “blue devil” from the 1820s are attached to the color. But the OED says that in the early 16th century the color was associated with plagues, so perhaps there’s that.

I’ve had this angel since I was born, damaged from years of being a plaything (one wingtip gone forever, the head reattached clumsily with glue).  The carnival glass is even older than that, although in better shape. I’ll get more pictures up here of the “photoshoot”, with better resolution.