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A grab bag of the 70s through 80s

In a cardboard box. This last box was kind of a grab bag of the years from the 1970s through 1985:

  • pictures from when I went to the State science competition (in a viewfinder!! geeky!)
  • my camping set (includes a circular metal canteen in a red fabric holder — chosen by Mom to match my red baseball cap)
  • pastels
  • crayons
  • vintage construction paper
  • a toy from the 70s (that I think is now called a click-clack?)
  • barrettes, ribbons, and tie pins
  • an odd star on a necklace
  • an even weirder clunky silver-tone bracelet with a sunburst on a polished silver tone circle dangle

I’m just grateful there were no records from this decade, shudder.  Oh the white suits, teeth, and perfect hair!

Another day of time travel

Do you find that scent can transport you through time in an instant?

It’s been another day with time to clean out closets, organize things (oh, and unload more boxes my Father packed), and I’ve been tripping the scents fantastic….

My (vintage 1983) bottle of Charlie is now with my other perfume bottles [link to the cheesy/classic ad campaign here]. It’s probably a billionty proof by now. I haven’t found my bottle of Ritz perfume (sadly) or the Windsong perfume. It would be kind of fun to find this Avon perfume bottle, with its kitten on a ball of yarn. It was the worst design ever if you wanted to use the perfume inside the bottle. I think there’s a spot in the old family home which is permanently scented by repeated dropping of the rolling, circular container of Amber.

I also unearthed a bottle of Kolnisch Wasser No. 4711. It still smells lovely, although it’s old enough that I don’t think they sell the flat glass bottles for travelers anymore. I could be wrong, of course.

Meanwhile, I’ve been poking around online, and managed to find the packaging of the perfumed talc that family members used to have. I don’t think I could smell that without invoking ghostly memories.

Sometimes, Happiness Is Simple

If you’re a cat, happiness is the right size box… just small enough that you can fill it. Make sure you pick a box that lets you rest your head on the edge. You might miss something.

If you’re a knitter, happiness is a lot of yarn (cats like yarn too, come to think of it). And if you’re a writer, happiness is having a lot of yarns, or stories, to tell.

This is where I write about non-work stuff. Look here for stories about what makes life richer: family, cats, knitting, art, and hopefully, creative language play. Happiness shouldn’t be complicated.

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