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Have you ever wanted to hug a building

… just because it sounds like it has overprotective parents?


The somewhat juvenile part of my personality wonders

  • What would they do if I just patted the side of the building?

(They missed the traditional sign of this neighborhood: “Do not spit.” It’s a classy town.)

Firing using the box kiln

This actually was quite exciting. Hopefully there will be a nice day for photos, so I can show the results.

Brick reflections

Brick reflections

Life continuously seems stuck between the old and the new. New glass in an old rehabbed building reflects the old weathered red brick of an even older building. We live, we learn, we constantly rebuild our lives. Even sinkholes let us rebuild. I could take a ring road around the city, but I’d only be stuck in traffic, missing the morning light as it warms the bricks and makes the windows dazzle. (This picture was taken last year on March 17th, on an earlier St. Patrick’s Day).