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grasses snow

When clouds reach down to touch the trees,
Their sides snag on tree branches
Dragging against edges until —
Tear, rip, torn —
They spill onto the fields.
Snow drifts against the hedgerows.

© rjn, January 11, 2018

Quick notes on the poem: this was written after watching grey clouds race low across the sky, then seem to struggle in the trees on top of a hill. In the struggle, they dumped snow in an abrupt misty downpour. By the end, the clouds had disappeared into the other clouds above them. All that was left was a fine grit of snow over everything.

If I were a cartoonist, I would have drawn the snow squall as cloud ghosts who were wringing their hands and wailing, while the edges of their wrappings got tangled in the branches.

Sunset getting near solstice

This photo was taken about 3 days before Solstice, and it sums up the hopefulness behind the clouds of many rainy days.
I hope you had a great time with great food.
I listened to good music, drank mead (from Michigan, of all places, called B.Nektar, which sounds even more dubious) and ate the asparagus, chilled shrimp, sweet potato, and mango with mint leaves that the Gardener prepared.
A lovely day, marred by the fact that tomorrow is not Saturday, alas.