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Inspiration – quilt colors

Hanging on our walls:

inspirationquilt The colors aren’t quite true in this photo, but there is the burgundy and green(s) and periwinkle I’ve been thinking about. On Friday, I wanted to go to the quilting store to get swatches so I could play with color combinations more, but I had to work late. Paint chips aren’t letting me visualize how color would work together.

How nuts is it for me to want to go to a fabric store or big box crafting store on the week of Thanksgiving? If I do manage it, I will try to get photos of different fat quarters, or acquire said fat quarters to see how they look in the light.




Autumn trees on an average North American street

Autumn trees on an average American street

We’re hearing the news about a big storm. But for now, we’ve prepped all we can. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the beauty of now (and stay snug and dry if the massive storm does hit).

NYTimes goes blue

New York Times has a lovely article about “Blue through the centuries” here .

It’s a short article, but brings up the image of blue as a rare color, in the arts and textiles. Lapis lazuli mixed with gold to adorn Egyptian tombs, factories in ancient Rome and Mesopotamia devoted to the production of the color blue. The interactive slideshow of blue things might be the most fun, of course. But the NYT doesn’t stop there:

Scientists have been studying the color blue and how different animals recreate the color through means other than “being” blue. Read the article here. Make me want to re-read my books on the origins of colored pigments.

Knitting items that look like ISBN bars

You know those scanner bars that are found on packaging in the shops? You know, the ones with thick and thin lines that look like they’re some sort of code from caterpillars?

Back in the 80s, decade of skinny ties, Michael J. Fox, and Sheena Easton (whose style seems to have come back in the costuming of Rhianna, but nevermind), I had a dark blue shirt with dark black pinstripes (or perhaps it was a dark shirt that was pinstriped black and navy blue). It shimmered and flickered, possibly giving everyone a headache. And now that pinstripe look is back again, but changed a bit by the designers. So there’s the mermaid sweater from Hanne Falkenberg. This beauty as well (yummy rippled stripes). And this design for the wee set (Ravelry link right now).

I’m starting out small, to see if I like doing side to side designs. If I do, someday I may splurge on a Mermaid kit (purple/lilac/aubergine or black slate/cyclamen — it’s sort of delicious trying to decide without spending any money). But for now, between starting small projects and daydreaming about the time to complete my big projects, I’m back to knitting again. And it looks like pinstripes are in. Hurrah!