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6 jars of jelly


5 presents wrapped

4 last-minute robocalls (yes, I already gave…)

3 curious cats (they’ve seen the tree)

2 cookie batches (sugar cookies, Moravian Christmas Cookies… and Jul Konfekt, which is chocolate, but not a cookie)

And one heck of a Christmas tree.

I’m wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas Eve, a happy Christmas day, and a happy and a healthy New Year! We’re going to celebrate, now that the work is over.

Getting ready – 22 December

… otherwise known as the importance of ground cloves.


Moravian Christmas Cookies, made with a recipe from Winston-Salem, NC. Thank heavens Mom already did the math and reduced the amount of flour, molasses, etc. used (although I think I flubbed on the amount of spicing –> it really should be 1 Tbs each of ground ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. Kids, don’t try to make Christmas cookies after 9 PM after a full day of work.). So they’re subtly flavored, and not rolled thin enough. Next year, I’ll use the northern recipe. It’s a bit easier for me to handle. Christmas prep continues. Yes, there are socks that will not be done in time. (Cookie countdown: 2 varieties. Possibly 1 more to go, and the fast and easy Danish chocolates.)

Time to spiff up the tuxedo

It’s another concert night, so it’s time to spiff up the tuxedo, make sure I know where the bow tie is, and bake cookies for the reception. Our concert will include: music by Morten Lauridsen, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Caroling, Caroling.* I may choose the Joy of Cooking peanut butter cookie recipe and substitute Nutella. I suppose I should put a warning note on it that it contains hazelnuts, in case someone has a nut allergy. Link to a preview of the concert (practice session) is here.

If you’re out of town, and can’t come to the concert, hopefully the links provided will help make your season a little bit brighter. It’s going to be a lovely concert. Hopefully only rain will be a problem –> no snow this year (fingers crossed).

So, anyone else have the Christmas concert jitters? Or are all of your concerts later in December, so you still have time to prep?

* Music links are to other choruses. The Morten Lauridsen piece is done by Conspirare in Texas. Their version is truly inspirational, and I’ve been listening to it a lot. I might have to get their CD. ‘Twas the Night recording was done by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians. Caroling, Caroling was sung by Utah Chamber Artists.

Happy Fastnacht day

alaaf… or Shrove Tuesday (or pancake day, according to my grade school friends) … or the last day of Carnival. I made cookies, and used up the last of the confectioners sugar. The cookie cutter is from Germany — brought back by the Gardener. It’s meant to look a bit like the hat worn at the festivals (but when baked, the dough really changes shape, so i think the jester’s hats/lord of misrule bonnets look more like sharks, if you squint).

Recipes for fastnachts, beignets, etc. can be found on this NPR article:

Whether you enjoyed Mardi Gras with beignets and coffee, Shrove Tuesday with pancakes, or Fastnacht day with fastnachts (most likely in southern Pennsylvania), I hope you had a bit of sweetness to perk up the last dark days of winter. Its been incredibly cold on the east coast during the past few nights, and I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow… but we are springing forward to Daylight Savings Time this Sunday. Even if we don’t observe Lent, we could all use a little pick-me-up. [I once had a pastor make everyone in the catechism class “give up” chocolate for all of Lent. Sigh. No, it didn’t work at all. Especially since the class was filled with teenaged girls. You can probably imagine the rest, right?]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day by rjknits
Happy Valentine’s Day, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

Virtual sweets for everyone! I hope you have a happy day.

Eager anticipation

Untitled by rjknits
Untitled, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

I’ve spent the day wrapping gifts and baking. So far, on the baking front:

  • Lucia buns
  • Jul konfekt
  • Toffee bars
  • Birthday cake for the Gardener
  • Blueberry sour cream coffeecake with pecans

… Apparently I need running shoes and an exercise program to survive Christmas, but I can’t wait. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

The tree is up, with extra tinsel

I’ve started the wrapping and wired branches to the porch.
Packages are mailed. I baked cookies, and for once I feel efficient, although I’m a little worried about the frosting for the cake.
Meanwhile, everyone on the East Coast wonders if they will be the one to get the “mega” storm on Christmas Day. We have high winds here, and I’m wondering if my branches will blow off the porch before anyone sees them. Once it’s daylight, I’ll see if I can get a good picture of the tree. I swear it’s mostly tinsel with a bit of green peeking through.

Happy Holidays!  Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes Neue Jahre! (apologies for the poor spelling)

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