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Spring blossoms

crocusesCelebrate first blooms…

Snowdrops gaze while crocuses

Toss their sun-tipped heads.


Current status of the world: March is definitely roaring like a lion from offshore. It’s chilly here in the northern hemisphere, even for those of us that have sun. Yesterday we had snow showers that were like moving fog, so I’m enjoying today and going to a park this afternoon, under many layers.

If you want better poetry, try Seelenkarussell’s site (in German).

A wintry depression is in town

crocusesStill gusty outside. There’s still snow. But we had daffodils starting in the sun trap, right before the last blast of snow. I picked one so it could bloom in the kitchen. I know there are crocuses under the snow, because I took a picture of them in full bloom on Saturday, when we had a nice day. This evening, even though it was cold outside there was enough light for a quick walk outside with the Gardener, before things got too cold. We’re trying not to let the winter become too depressing. It’s still March, after all, and its often weird with icky weather.

At least I’m not in Cape Cod. Or further north. Right now, it’s just cold with warmer, rainy weather scheduled for the weekend.