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The Irregulars

I’ve been reading The Irregulars by Jennet Connant. It’s engaging reading, if you need something you can set aside and pick up again later. It isn’t a new book, and I picked it up at the library. But the information about Roald Dahl is new to me, so it’s diverting. (I never knew how carefully the elections in America were followed during WWII, with different friendly Canadians and British visitors chatting up politicians and newspapermen in Washington, DC, hoping for information or to sway votes.)

And, in the way that books connect you to other books, it has inspired me to pick up Dawn Powell’s A Time To Be Born for a re-read, now that I’ve read contemporary recountings of what Clare Luce Booth was like. Anyone else follow this sort of bookweb of associations out there, or is it just me?

In less bookish news, the weather has been rather dreadful here in the USA. Many of us on the Eastern seaboard have been told that the heat and humidity will push out today, after a week long heatwave. We have thunderstorms pushing through now, so maybe it will be nicer tomorrow.

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