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Dream swatch neck wrap

I started this project thinking I might have enough yarn to make a small shawl using the dream swatch pattern and some Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino. I cast on 96 stitches, and then did the first section in the dream swatch pattern, then switched to 3 rows stockinette with a drop stitch pattern in between. I finished up with the dream swatch stitch again, and then stockinette and garter for the edges. I crocheted the edges all the way around because the dream swatch stitch tends to bend when it isn’t stretched taut (like on a headband). I also crocheted eight button loops. I put in two buttons on the opposite side, and called it done. I still have one more skein of the Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino left.

This will end up being a gift for someone, or a donation to a church sale. Although everyone who touches it tells me how soft it is, I have skin sensitivity (I think) to the dye. Of course, the colors are gorgeous, so the beautiful dye on this skein is exactly why I bought it at Rosie’s. 🙂

The outdoors is lovely again, and I have several daytrips planned. Any photos in the future are more likely to be of flower gardens or sightseeing, rather than knitting. But now, in blur-o-vision, is another shot of the wrap. It’s a bit too large on me, so it fits more like a cowl. It’s only meant to be a little spot of color to dress up an outfit in spring, and it was very fast to knit, (my Ravelry stats lie because I was busy doing Limetwist in a hurry and then I was busy doing Limetwist 2).

DreamSwatch finished

DreamSwatch finished

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This was a very satisfying project. The yarn was a great gift from a friend, and it ended up working well with the pattern.

The person I gave it to (late holiday gift) just couldn’t figure out how I knit this, because it ends up looking woven, knit AND macrame’d all at the same time. Of course, I didn’t tell her that the way I knit it was by listening to Dr. Who Christmas specials on BBC Radio.

Definitely thinking about using the pattern from the swatch for a sweater, possibly on the sleeves or in the center of a v-neck.