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Glass house — model home

Artwork by Marian April Glebe, 2013. One of the semi-finalists for the Sondheim Artscape Prize. Other houses in series include “Birdseed” and “Dandelion III”, which I think is in the background in the next lucite box. Very, very cool.

Element: Earth

I’ve had my hands on enough dirt now (in clay class), that I eye the mud slicks around town from runoff, and wonder… is any of that clay?Image

Here’s a terra sig pot, waiting for firing. You can see the sheen on it near the lefthand side, from polishing the clay slip. I did a tiny bit of sgraffito on the side. The terra sig that I used is hard white clay with avocado mason stain. This pot will go on to be bisqued, and then I think I’ll do a black stain on it, to highlight the pictures.

Making mud pies

I’m off making mud pies… well, actually it’s a clay class.
Unfortunately for me, my first effort looks rather like a blonde version of the cauldron in Lloyd Alexander’s The Black Cauldron.

So, now I contemplate if I should fire it in the kiln and see if trying cool glazes will make me think less of it as an interesting exercise.

And… I’m making more mud pies. Maybe pictures once something is done.

PS3 Fire and Earth Revisited

Rose from a golf course in New Orleans

Rose from a golf course in New Orleans

Butterfly earrings
Butterfly earrings

The first element in Project Spectrum was Fire — orange, red, and pink. February and March, I was knitting on the Sampler Socks (Little Child’s Socks from Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage Socks). Finished those finally and managed to post about them here on WordTapestry.

I branched out and made some butterfly earrings. The findings were found in a fabric store. Each earring had 1 earhook, 3 headpins, 16 burgundy red seed beads, 6 orange Swarosvki (R) bicones, and 1 fuchsia colored butterfly. Two pairs of needle nose pliers, and I was ready to start making the loops to keep the headpins on the earhook loop. Much chasing of beads in the kitchen later, I had two good tries at earrings. Of course, these earrings aren’t meant to be worn with openwork shawls or beloved sweaters. They catch too much on threads in shirts and necklaces.

I also played with crochet, but the results may end up being someone’s holiday present, so for now, I won’t show you that one. Instead, here’s a rose from a New Orleans golf course, taken in April but definitely part of the element of fire.

The rose also fits in with the second element in Project Spectrum —

Amazonian Sock Draped on a Radiator

Earth. Note: the project I worked on for PS3 were the Amazonian socks and not much else during April and May. I did take photos of lots of flowers and gardens on trips and in the home garden, some of which made it to my flickr account.

Goodbye to The Water Element and PS3

Water at a National Park

Lake at a National Park

October is the end of Project Spectrum for the year. Yes, I still have projects on the needles (for instance, a certain green pair of socks which is next in the second-sock completion queue). But I’m still very pleased with the results. I’ve used the whole project — from fire and earth to air and water — to motivate me to try different things and to use different media, as well as to jumpstart an ongoing mythology project. Yes, I’ll continue on reading even as PS3 ends.

I made socks (3 pairs and one half a pair), attempted to cast on rusted root for the water element (it’s on hold now), knit with thread, drew the stones of a church, learned to photograph water, made earrings (with pink and orange crystals for the fire element), tried out Cat Bhordhi’s sock book, and finished lots of projects.

The light and shadows are beautiful this time of year

The light and shadows are beautiful this time of year

If Lolly holds Project Spectrum next year, I’m hoping my contribution will be less about texture and one skein of yarn (admittedly multi-dyed, but the yarn did most of the work) and more about purpose-driven color play. Maybe a lovely Fair Isle sweater with multiple colors of the rainbow. Or some project that captures the mood of the shadows in a doorway on an Autumn day.

In the meantime, I’ve joined Socktoberfest because I’m enjoying the extra boost to my creativity that PS3 gave to me. Maybe I’ll finish up some of those sock projects. I’m also thinking about casting on for Rusted Root soon. Just because I didn’t get to it during the timeline for PS3 doesn’t mean I don’t want to knit it.

My brain keeps singing the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” more from the depressing weekend weather we’ve had than any other reason. In future posts, I may revisit some of the projects I worked on for PS3, showing the items that were made long before WordTapestry was born. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day for photography — the tidal socks should be ready for a final close-up then.

Thanks, Lolly, for all the fun and challenge!