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Easter surprises

eastereggThroughout last weekend, there were tiny surprises…

The drive was easy this year. I made it to church on time, and the choir and music was splendid. The resident cat I visited is still in perpetual kitty skitter mode, so I guess she is a mobile surprise unit (special opps cat?). I hope any of the surprises of your past weekend were delightful and not unpleasant. It’s been a long hard winter. It’s time to delight in Spring (I have Wordsworth’s “The Prelude” out for my reading table. Not sure why I think of that and springtime. Maybe the time reflects when I studied Romantic poetry in college.)


Getting ready for Easter

Getting ready for Easter

Lots of singing (not for Easter or Palm Sunday exactly), but I was in church, anticipating a short drive to see family. The location really looked like the inside of an Easter diorama. A Byzantine sugar egg diorama, like something out of a 1940s or 1950s illustration. This picture, unfortunately only taken with a cell phone. Glorious location. I just wanted to get on a ladder to see the stenciling more closely (stencils all around the arches of the windows, in the arches on the vaulted ceiling, in the half dome above the mosaic cross). Lots of Byzantine/Victorian Moorish style architecture in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. I’ve seen more of it in Scranton, PA. I’m not sure about further in the east coast of the USA or if it spread out to the midwest at least. I’ve seen a couple of synagogues and temples further south that seem to have caught the trend too. It would be interesting to know if it was because of literature from the time, or maybe a World Fair, or travels to England.

Wishing everyone a happy Easter

Lenten Rose

Lenten Rose

Hoping you have a wonderful Easter day — whether you celebrate it, or you’re just hoping to enjoy the start of Spring. I won’t be hiding Easter eggs anywhere (the cats aren’t interested in them), but I will probably be outdoors enjoying what sun we get before the rain comes back.

For those of you who would like a few treats for Easter, here’s a virtual “Easter basket” of links:

An Easter rabbit to knit (link is from Ravelry)

Pictures of Pysanky eggs at a Ukranian Museum of New York City

Easter Parade, with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire (or just listen to the song…[link])

Candies from my childhood: Peeps (candy dioramas at the link)


Easter 2010

After a trip to church (great hymns this season) I took a walk at the arboretum, where Lenten roses were blooming. Made a full Easter dinner, including clover rolls, roast garlic lamb (with apple, brandy, mint, thyme, and rosemary sauce),  asparagus, and parsnips. The day before was spent taking a walk to the library to get a few books. [One book is called The Barn House: Confessions of an Urban Rehabber, by Ed Zotti. It’s great fun, if you want to read about rehabbing a Victorian home in a (then) dicey area of Chicago.] Other than that, I’m enjoying a long weekend, and hoping to get back out into the sunshine today. Probably not a heck of a lot of knitting will happen in the next few days. Any free time I get, I’m going to be out walking, sketching, or just generally basking before mosquito season.

Hope your Holiday (if you get one) was lovely! (And if you want to read some amusing knitting stuff, hop on over to visit The Thrift Shop Romantic for some musings on men’s knitwear from the past.)

Happy Spring

easterflagWishing everyone a Happy Easter.

Or a happy Passover, fertility festival, or just general walk in the park to celebrate there being a wee bit more sun in the skies.

Me, I hope to be together enough to go on a little tiny road trip with the Gardener to hear good music (hopefully) and sing along with some hymns. Barring that, I’m going to go on a 1 mile trip to a public garden and sit out on a park bench for a while and pretend it’s warm enough not to wear a coat.

Marzipan as Still Life

Still life in miniature

Photographed by the Gardener before they’re gone — the marzipan fruit candies of Sprungli are small, artistic, and very, very tasty. They made a wonderful gift to bring home — much nicer than airport flowers (and easier to carry on the plane). Here is a lemon, orange, a few pears, and apples. Each is small enough to fit comfortably on a nickel. I can’t imagine how time-consuming it must be to make these little pieces of art.

My marzipan never looks this delicate and beautiful. I am thinking of making simnel cake again this year for Easter anyway, since it still tastes wonderful, no matter how amateur my cooking skills are.