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Element: Water, Peninsula State Park, Wisconsin

It’s been too long since the last time I was out on the rocks of Lake Michigan. When hiking out here, the lake sounds like an echo of the ocean in a cove. Water drums beneath the rocks, and you can imagine that not far away is the ocean, except there isn’t the tang of salt air. For me, the shore of Lake Michigan holds all the elements in one — water, earth, air (gulls flying overhead), and the smell of campfires. I’m hoping when I get to go back next time, the drought and heatwave won’t have caused too much damage to my favorite woodlands.

Via Flickr:From a trip back in 2005. Loved hiking near these cliffs.

Element: Earth

I’ve had my hands on enough dirt now (in clay class), that I eye the mud slicks around town from runoff, and wonder… is any of that clay?Image

Here’s a terra sig pot, waiting for firing. You can see the sheen on it near the lefthand side, from polishing the clay slip. I did a tiny bit of sgraffito on the side. The terra sig that I used is hard white clay with avocado mason stain. This pot will go on to be bisqued, and then I think I’ll do a black stain on it, to highlight the pictures.