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Ain’t that America

…or at least our little slice of it:

Going to a friend’s house, for too much salad & side dishes, beer (if you want it), soda (if you want it), pit beef or roast pork loin from the grill. People brought casseroles, grilled tomatoes, watermelon, cherry pie. And then when it grew dark, we squished over to the local park through the leftover puddles from the morning rain, and watched fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. And above the trees, we could see other towns’ fireworks going off.

We spent the short drive home reminiscing about other 4th of July celebrations, and when we used to be able to get up on a hill and see the fireworks coming up from the valleys below us. We live someplace else now, but Independence Day celebrations tend to be very similar from town to town or state to state.

I hope yours was splendid. Unless you’re waiting to celebrate a holiday in another country (according to the Internet, Venezuela has their Independence Day on the 5th and Argentina’s in on the 9th). And there’s a Belgian National day sometime late in July.

Oh say can you see

Fireworks over Baltimore, Star Spangled Banner 200 years

Yes… we did. We went to a local park, stood out in a field in the dark, and watched as the fireworks display went off in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, as well as right by the fort (there were 5 places where fireworks were being set off in the Chesapeake). It looked like the War of 1812 was starting all over again. But last weekend was the celebration for Francis Scott Key’s famous words after the famous bombardment of Fort McHenry. The fireworks included a spectacular set of fireworks that made up the image of our flag in the sky.

Hurrah for 200 years! Music and video still live on a local news station here. (BTW: if I ever get the chance of seeing Guy Fawkes day in the UK, I will snap photos and be very excited.)

Happy Independence Day

2013_redwhiteandblueHappy Independence Day for those of you who are celebrating. I’ll be out of reach of the computer for most of the week — focusing on fireworks, picnic food, and other festivities. Unfortunately, not a long weekend this year.

(I’ll probably spend a little bit of time looking up links to the musical from 1972 called 1776. I think I may be the only one who ever liked it? The descriptions of Philadelphia in the summer were spot on.)

Daisy Chains and Fireworks

Dahlia display

Yesterday was Independence Day — a day of memories. I remember groups of friends holding sparklers underneath the mimosa tree in the dusk while our parents chatted over iced tea. Dad’s quick search for the best firework viewing spots around town, and then us all tumbling into the station wagon with folding chairs to go to some bank’s parking lot. I remember nights spent listening to the concert from D.C. while trying to catch fireflies. Or learning to make daisy chains and clover chains from a family friend when I was 7.

Yesterday I was on a family trip to Chestertown, MD (which was lovely). The Chestertown city picnic there, with live music, was filled with families eating hot dogs and singing along to “You Are My Sunshine”. We left in time for huge rain downpours, followed by seeing the big City firework display at the waterfront while on the highway skirting the city.

“ Private,” unsanctioned displays continued in the streets. My neighborhood sounded like the War of 1812 until 3:30 AM in the morning. I prefer fireworks from a distance, so I spent a nervous night with the cats.

Almost every country has an Independence Day, Constitution Day, or a National Day… so I hope yours was/is splendid, whether it was May Day or St George’s Day (in April) or Syttende Mai or it is yet to come this year.

Note: the “firework” image is a dahlia from the yard.

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