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Forests of calm and beauty

Sometimes, it’s helpful to remember where you came from, or your earliest memories where you thought like an independent person. For me, that’s time to go back to the forest and remember camping trips with my family, where I was expected to be able to think through logical challenges (clearing a fire pit, navigating around poison ivy) and enjoy moments of calm, listening to the wind in the trees without lots of talking to clutter up the moment. Stretch that forward to summers at camp, and then a job working at a camp. Forests and mountains can help me re-plug into happiness. But I’ve tried living in the middle of a forest, or in a farmhouse with amazing vistas, and too long without a city gets me blue. So here is a happy medium — a safe, forested area in the middle of a city (no not New York).

This one was quirky, complete with St Patrick’s Day [a day late] runners (who were carrying all the ingredients for a grilled picnic, and talking excitedly about the beer at the end of their route), with their green leggings, shamrock headgear, etc. I nearly decided to run after them, although I wasn’t dressed for it.

If I’m with someone else I’ll be happy to go back. Solitude is all well and good, but it’s better to share part of it with someone else who can also enjoy the quiet and the fun of playing “guess what brown bird that is…”

Easter 2010

After a trip to church (great hymns this season) I took a walk at the arboretum, where Lenten roses were blooming. Made a full Easter dinner, including clover rolls, roast garlic lamb (with apple, brandy, mint, thyme, and rosemary sauce),  asparagus, and parsnips. The day before was spent taking a walk to the library to get a few books. [One book is called The Barn House: Confessions of an Urban Rehabber, by Ed Zotti. It’s great fun, if you want to read about rehabbing a Victorian home in a (then) dicey area of Chicago.] Other than that, I’m enjoying a long weekend, and hoping to get back out into the sunshine today. Probably not a heck of a lot of knitting will happen in the next few days. Any free time I get, I’m going to be out walking, sketching, or just generally basking before mosquito season.

Hope your Holiday (if you get one) was lovely! (And if you want to read some amusing knitting stuff, hop on over to visit The Thrift Shop Romantic for some musings on men’s knitwear from the past.)