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Figs, fig jam, and grape jelly

  1. Lots of little pots of grape jelly Grapejelly
  2. Jars of balsamic-rosemary fig jam (savory)
  3. 5 mismatched jars of cinnamon fig rose petal jam (closest to the flavor of fresh figs)

The last 5 were done tonight. I have my freezer back, but now we have very little counter space. All the ingredients for all 3 kinds of preserves came from the garden, except the balsamic vinegar, sugar, and cinnamon. Yay, Gardener!


The Gardener planted a lovely grapevine on the side of the porch. Rather than let all the grapes go, literally to the birds, we got busy.

Grapejelly11 cups of grapes = 3.5 cups of juice. Add sugar, boil = 13 little 4 oz jelly jars, filled with jelly using the “no water” recipe in the Joy of Cooking. The kitchen’s a bit of a mess, though.