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Simple knitting projects – socks

I have nicknamed this project “Miami vice socks” or “Tequila sunrise socks” because the yarn looks like an explosion of colors from Miami South Beach (the neon pinks, the greens and blues of the ocean, the yellows and oranges –> it’s either that, or it’s yarn inspired by Fiesta Ware). The pattern is simple: Adult Socks by Dierdre Wallace.

I will admit the yarn colors are complicated. They’re from Regia, and are meant to be for children’s knit socks or clothing. There are still a few places that seem to sell Flusi das Sockenmonster, but I think the color I’m using has been discontinued.  Which is a pity because it’s a pretty nice yarn to knit with, with lots of fun color changes (thanks Regia). (I just made the mistake of looking at Webs’ online catalog. I’m kind of glad they’re not down the street from my house. I’d be broke, and we’d need better storage.)

Getting ready for Easter

Getting ready for Easter

Lots of singing (not for Easter or Palm Sunday exactly), but I was in church, anticipating a short drive to see family. The location really looked like the inside of an Easter diorama. A Byzantine sugar egg diorama, like something out of a 1940s or 1950s illustration. This picture, unfortunately only taken with a cell phone. Glorious location. I just wanted to get on a ladder to see the stenciling more closely (stencils all around the arches of the windows, in the arches on the vaulted ceiling, in the half dome above the mosaic cross). Lots of Byzantine/Victorian Moorish style architecture in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. I’ve seen more of it in Scranton, PA. I’m not sure about further in the east coast of the USA or if it spread out to the midwest at least. I’ve seen a couple of synagogues and temples further south that seem to have caught the trend too. It would be interesting to know if it was because of literature from the time, or maybe a World Fair, or travels to England.

Small hearts on sockas

Untitled by rjknits
Untitled, a photo by rjknits on Flickr.

This year, I’ve been doing some charity knitting. It’s an opportunity to give back, but also a chance to try new patterns. The socks from the Made with Love Accessories pattern by Emma Crew were a fast, fun project. I found the pattern on Ravelry, and it was quick and a lot of fun. So, I guess this year I’m wearing my heart on my knitting. 🙂

A knitter’s vacation

I spent 3 days solid, without real computer access, ignoring the television. And, in the mornings I hiked in the desert, then knit in the shade in my own private window porch, complete with a small table, chair, and bench. 3 lucky days spent in Arizona (Wild Horse Pass Resort — really nice). I tagged along and got a real vacation.

My own little roost — just me and the pigeons next door (and the view of more mountains in the distance, over miles of scrub, sand, and barrel cacti):


After lunch there was the option of swimming in an 85°F pool, while gazing out at the mountains in the distance (If my math is right, I think that’s 28°C), going to a spa, or retreating to the library to read about local history when it was too hot outdoors. What lovely options to choose from, when the weather I left at home was 32°F/0°C, with sleet.

Simply Fascinating, Shopwindow display, Philadelphia Flower Show

Hats made from plant material. Challenge exhibit: shop windows. Theme of whole Flower show was


So, is green the color of rebirth, or just a color of joy? I’ve never quite been able to figure that out, although the greenness of new plants in springtime fills me with joy at the rebirth of the season. The smell of new ferns coming out of the dirt can be wonderful — a sort of green scent.

Since it’s also a color of Winter (evergreens, Christmas celebrations), it’s kind of hard for me to pick. I just know that I have lots of green around the house, besides potted plants: 2 purses, 1 cell phone, costume jewelry, blouses, yarn, skirts, hats. It’s one of my favorites, as well as a color that fills the environment I live in — from spring through autumn at least. So, I limited myself here to a few books, a favorite cup from Budapest, and a lovely bit of sock reinforcement yarn. I’ve done more studies of green here.

Forests of calm and beauty

Sometimes, it’s helpful to remember where you came from, or your earliest memories where you thought like an independent person. For me, that’s time to go back to the forest and remember camping trips with my family, where I was expected to be able to think through logical challenges (clearing a fire pit, navigating around poison ivy) and enjoy moments of calm, listening to the wind in the trees without lots of talking to clutter up the moment. Stretch that forward to summers at camp, and then a job working at a camp. Forests and mountains can help me re-plug into happiness. But I’ve tried living in the middle of a forest, or in a farmhouse with amazing vistas, and too long without a city gets me blue. So here is a happy medium — a safe, forested area in the middle of a city (no not New York).

This one was quirky, complete with St Patrick’s Day [a day late] runners (who were carrying all the ingredients for a grilled picnic, and talking excitedly about the beer at the end of their route), with their green leggings, shamrock headgear, etc. I nearly decided to run after them, although I wasn’t dressed for it.

If I’m with someone else I’ll be happy to go back. Solitude is all well and good, but it’s better to share part of it with someone else who can also enjoy the quiet and the fun of playing “guess what brown bird that is…”

Silver among the green

Sometimes when you travel, you notice that seasonal decorations are somehow … different.

In this case, one window ledge decoration seems to span Christmas, New Years Day, and Valentine’s Day all.

Dream swatch neck wrap

I started this project thinking I might have enough yarn to make a small shawl using the dream swatch pattern and some Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino. I cast on 96 stitches, and then did the first section in the dream swatch pattern, then switched to 3 rows stockinette with a drop stitch pattern in between. I finished up with the dream swatch stitch again, and then stockinette and garter for the edges. I crocheted the edges all the way around because the dream swatch stitch tends to bend when it isn’t stretched taut (like on a headband). I also crocheted eight button loops. I put in two buttons on the opposite side, and called it done. I still have one more skein of the Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino left.

This will end up being a gift for someone, or a donation to a church sale. Although everyone who touches it tells me how soft it is, I have skin sensitivity (I think) to the dye. Of course, the colors are gorgeous, so the beautiful dye on this skein is exactly why I bought it at Rosie’s. 🙂

The outdoors is lovely again, and I have several daytrips planned. Any photos in the future are more likely to be of flower gardens or sightseeing, rather than knitting. But now, in blur-o-vision, is another shot of the wrap. It’s a bit too large on me, so it fits more like a cowl. It’s only meant to be a little spot of color to dress up an outfit in spring, and it was very fast to knit, (my Ravelry stats lie because I was busy doing Limetwist in a hurry and then I was busy doing Limetwist 2).

Goin’ West

Blue skiesKuan Yin statuary at the Trammel and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian ArtFor Project Spectrum, I headed West to the land of tall buildings and the fictional home of JR Ewing. Back again, without extra yarn. I’m hoping the pictures I took will come out and I’ll be able to show you the few blue skies I got to see during a short visit to Dallas. There was great food, I got to see people I see once a year, and I wasn’t in the office. The bad part — I’m exhausted, I’m not sure I have something appropriate to wear tomorrow morning, and the cats were very very angry.

No, I did not go to the museum about Kennedy’s assassination. I did get to see an amazing Asian art museum (if you’re ever in Dallas, check out the Crow Asian Art Museum to hear calming beautiful music while getting to look at some of the most splendid jade from China and interesting marble temples from India). It’s weird that I got to go West to see mementos from the East. But here we have East brought to the West by avid collectors; and the old within the modern world of skyscrapers.