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Elements: Air

Walking through an artscape airport.

There are better times to visit Indiana than a heatwave in summer (Autumn is lovely, so is spring, and when the Indiana State Fair is going on, I don’t care about the weather). The air is hot and heavy, filled with water.

However, family trumps weather sometimes, and I did manage to see some interesting things besides driving back and forth to Indianapolis. Some of the cattle farms I remember have now turned to horse farms, and the towns have stayed much the same if a little emptier from loss of automobile manufacturers. If I had time, I’d go back to Indianapolis, go to the museums, and check out the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

¬†Indianapolis Airport is different from what I remember from childhood (different place, even). And what is truly wonderful is the effort that has been made to introduce art into the airport. Feather images have been brushed onto divider windows. “Stained” art has been installed in exterior windows. It’s all rather like walking through a fairytale of blocks of yellow, red, and purple. The art is called “Streaming”. It’s from the Indiana Windows project from 2007 done by Martin Donlin. He’s managed to take the airiness of the airport and capture it with acid-etched and airbrushed hand-blown glass. I saw at least three of the larger stained glass pieces in the wing of the airport I was in.

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