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A girl in a blue beret

From his seat on the train now, he watched as the farm filed yielded to ragged outskirts, which melted into factory buildings, which gave way to the switching yards …. His stay with the Alberts in 1944 overlapped his visit now, as if he had jumped over time and might still be hiding behind an armoire or in a haystack with a cat. The shadowy figures of the brave people who had saved his life — in barns, in hidden rooms, on bicycles — were coming clearer, almost reachable. He welcomed them. … he could almost believe that the girl in the blue beret would be waiting when the train pulled in to the station.” — Bobbie Ann Mason. The Girl in the Blue Beret. Published by Random House, 2011.

A lovely book, well paced and interesting. For me, it was more about the mysteries of lost connections than WWII, but there’s enough of both. Sometimes the main character seems egocentrically North American, but that seemed to ring true to the character’s development and his reason for visiting France decades after his plane was shot down during the war. I enjoyed the gentle unfolding of the different truths within this tale, and will look for more books by the author.

Knitting things (apropos of nothing): I have done some knitting for PS5 blue. But mostly, with the hot weather and book sales at closing bookstore chains, I’ve been reading or taking photos of cool blue. If you’re doing PS5, hope you had a good time with blue and are gearing up for August (pinks and purples).  I’ll probably be wrapping up “blue” a little late, since I still have some yarn to photograph and I got some yarn that fits in with this months’ theme as well.

A Garden Beauty

GypsyPrincessYellow is an iris blooming in the sun. The flower’s name is worthy of a Disney character: Gypsy Princess.

I’m continuing knitting on the first Project Spectrum theme, green, while photographing the new colors and shades as they come along. As for the green project — the honeycomb vest — I’m tinking yet again. But I think I figured out something that could keep the increases from looking like a confused muddle. It will take around 14 rows re-knitting after I tink to find out if I’m right. This could take a bit of time, since my other projects are a wicked commute and gainful employment.