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Figs, fig jam, and grape jelly

  1. Lots of little pots of grape jelly Grapejelly
  2. Jars of balsamic-rosemary fig jam (savory)
  3. 5 mismatched jars of cinnamon fig rose petal jam (closest to the flavor of fresh figs)

The last 5 were done tonight. I have my freezer back, but now we have very little counter space. All the ingredients for all 3 kinds of preserves came from the garden, except the balsamic vinegar, sugar, and cinnamon. Yay, Gardener!

Sunday was the day to

begoniaClean floors,

enjoy the sunshine,

figs simmering on stovetoppick figs and make fig jam*,

knit a little,

and generally discomfit the cats.**

Huzzah. (It all beat the hell out of listening to bongo man down the block practice outside.)

*3 little bags of freezer jam, carefully put in a larger freezer bag to protect them. There is a small bowl of jam waiting for cheddar sandwiches tomorrow.

** The cats hate floor mopping, especially in a room that has been a battlefield of “thinking outside the catbox.”we are not amuzed

Just call me a curmudgeon and be done with it

Thoughts while waiting to be able to put milk in my coffee at the local bakery, in line behind two women who were busy leaning on the coffee and sugar serving area chatting about their ex-husbands and experimenting with sugar in their ice tea and deciding they had put too much in:

“How nice you’re having an event. I’m having a day.”

Yes, they were having a wonderful time jawing, and gawking at the strange sights in the bakery (perfectly ordinary people, who were buying bread or eating lunch). I suppose they were exploring, checking out the chi-chi stores and the greengrocers. I was just trying to bring back bread, a slice of peach-lavendar tart, and my coffee. I’m more irritated that I forgot to buy the fresh ginger root at the greengrocers than anything else. I had vague ideas of committing ginger-fig freezer jam. The trees are getting heavy with the fruit (now turning dark purple-red-black), and it looks like I’ll have to do some small batches of different items. We also have eggs, so perhaps an fig-almond cake is possible this time. 🙂