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What happened on this day in 1860

On October 31, 1860, Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah, Georgia. Thanks to the Girl Scouts, my Mom and I had years of bonding together. I got Mom’s old Brownie uniform, then my sister inherited it. I still keep one of Mom’s Brownie pins on my desktop. And Mom was the one who found the money for 2 weeks for 8 summers at a lovely camp in the Poconos. I was given books about scouting, books about camping before I ever went to sleepaway camp. I also had the opportunity every Monday afternoon to go to space in a renovated condo (Brownies), followed by Wednesdays downtown at a different location (Juniors and Cadettes). In High School, I had to drop scouting. The Girl Scouts gave me my first official job outside of college Work study at the camp in the Poconos, and I couldn’t have afforded college without it.

I leave you with the original Girl Scout movie (they would trot this out every 2 week session; I’ve seen it many, many times during my career as a camp counselor): The Golden Eaglet. Indirectly, Juliette Lowe provided me with a window of opportunities, including my first steps into adulthood. How about you? Were you part of the cookie brigade, a diehard camper, an International Girl Scout, or did you just enjoy the after school crafts they’d have at the Brownie clubhouse?

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