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Pearl crescent, day visitor.

About traveling

Every so often I take out books on traveling to different areas of the US, or Europe… daydreaming about a trip around the world, or traveling for work again. I think a short hop is more likely than the trip around the world, and most of my travel seems to focus on getting to see family and friends. Which means there are at least 15 states to choose from and daydream about.

About projects

I have 3 knitting projects on the needles, and I’ve finished one sewing piece (a blouse). The new Knitty came out this week, and I’m eying this pattern: Saturday Night cowl by Juliette Williams. I have some yarn that might work. The other option is Always be Brave by Helen Kennedy, but the sportweight that I have right now is earmarked for this pattern: Pyukkleen cowl by Ysolda Teague.

About museums

This autumn, so many museums have delightful exhibits that I want to visit. For instance, down in Georgetown, Dumbarton Oaks has an exhibit called “Ornament: Fragments of Byzantine Fashion”. Baltimore Museum of Art has an exhibition of work done by artist Joyce J. Scott and her mother, fiber artist Elizabeth Talford Scott. Virginia Museum of Fine Art has a fascinating looking exhibit of Native American Art, as well as a collection of Faberge eggs. Delaware Art Museum has Mitch Lyons prints (he used clay to make his prints – it’s complicated).

…. the moment when summer starts to shift into fall is filled with so much promise. Our leaves haven’t started to turn, but students are back at the Universities and the libraries have switched their schedules to match study needs. If you’re daydreaming about activities, or knitting, or traveling, drop me a line.

Song song Green

Well, a little bit honeycomb-twistribblue, too, because I need to rip this back. At least I discovered it before I was beyond 24 inches of cabling.

The flash washed out the color of the yarn a bit. Stats: Green Mountain Spinnery cotton comfort. Color is almost a green equivalent of faded bluejeans — just lovely and muted. (It was a lovely present one year at Christmas, I think.)

Stats: Honeycomb sweater from Knitty. I think I have to rip back around 10 rows. Oddly enough, I’m beginning to wonder if I could turn this pattern into a little belero to wear with a sleeveless dress. Hm. Although a vest would be more useful.

Casting to the North

I finally decided which of my projects I was going to work on, now that PS4 North has begun. I have some Cotton Comfort yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery that’s been on my mind ever since I received it as a very welcome gift one year. It’s a green that isn’t quite green and isn’t quite the color of faded blue jeans. Very cool. The pattern I’ve chosen is Honeycomb from (Knitty link here for people who aren’t on ravelry.) I think they’ll work well together.

Except, I didn’t get gauge, and because of the negative ease in the pattern, I’m knitting some insanely small size to make up for the too-large gauge (1/2 an inch off). And yes, if negative ease is a bad idea, I will probably knit a placket on the sides to make up for the difference…. Or do some other half-thought out fix. But at least I didn’t spend my weekend held hostage by Lawrence Welk duelling with the Celtic Women (my theory of what counts as “viewer favorites” in our once-monthly begathon). Instead, I cast on for North while I was visiting friends up north.

[If I have the Gardener create some sculpey bees for shoulder buttons for Honeycomb, that wouldn’t be strange, would it? I mean, then I’d be “covered in bees” without any danger.]

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