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Dream swatch neck wrap

I started this project thinking I might have enough yarn to make a small shawl using the dream swatch pattern and some Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino. I cast on 96 stitches, and then did the first section in the dream swatch pattern, then switched to 3 rows stockinette with a drop stitch pattern in between. I finished up with the dream swatch stitch again, and then stockinette and garter for the edges. I crocheted the edges all the way around because the dream swatch stitch tends to bend when it isn’t stretched taut (like on a headband). I also crocheted eight button loops. I put in two buttons on the opposite side, and called it done. I still have one more skein of the Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino left.

This will end up being a gift for someone, or a donation to a church sale. Although everyone who touches it tells me how soft it is, I have skin sensitivity (I think) to the dye. Of course, the colors are gorgeous, so the beautiful dye on this skein is exactly why I bought it at Rosie’s. 🙂

The outdoors is lovely again, and I have several daytrips planned. Any photos in the future are more likely to be of flower gardens or sightseeing, rather than knitting. But now, in blur-o-vision, is another shot of the wrap. It’s a bit too large on me, so it fits more like a cowl. It’s only meant to be a little spot of color to dress up an outfit in spring, and it was very fast to knit, (my Ravelry stats lie because I was busy doing Limetwist in a hurry and then I was busy doing Limetwist 2).

Stop the presses – I actually have pictures of knit items

It’s been a long knitting content drought here on the WordTapestry. But I have been knitting all along, just sporadically on different projects.

Like I mentioned earlier, I frogged the little ISBN sweater (called Limetwist in a hurry in my rav queue). The yarn was nice — Baby Ull in blue-green (7502 colorway) and lime-green (9013 colorway). Unfortunately my gauge was so exponentially *tiny* that only a dwarf lop bunny could have worn the resulting sweater (DROPS design b14-27 jacket). I will probably try this jacket again, since I find the design intriguing. I did knit something else with the leftover yarn (Limetwist2), and that has been sent away in a package (sneak peak to the left).

I’ve also started improvising a design in Koigu KPPPM. The design is based on the dreamswatch pattern I did earlier. I cast on 96 stitches, and am alternating the dreamswatch crossover pattern with a dropped stitch row. I was thinking it was going to be a shawl, but it’s more likely to be a spring-weight cowl or scarflette. I have a quick deadline for this one, so I’m hoping the weekend with travel = prime knitting time. Eh, we’ll see how that works out.

Noodling about, thinking about a dreamswatch shawl

Koigu KPPPM dye code P820I have some Koigu that I’m swatching today. I will see how the swatch(es) knit up (size 0 needles, but they’re square needles so the gauge is really small), and then think about what I want to do next. It may all depend on what the yarn feels like when it’s washed. Options include:

  • Dreamswatch (7 to 15 repeats of the pattern) for a kind of shawl or stole if the yarn does not wash up to be as soft as I hope
  • Socks (that’s a ravelry link — it’s for the Interweave Knits Windowpane socks, and would need a background color)
  • A baby hat (no pattern in mind, but it needs to be soft!)

I kind of wish there was more olive in the yarn, because that would have made it visually fight less. It’s always interesting the difference between the nicely coiled hank and the yarn balled up or knit up. Of course, it’s always interesting to knit up items that have marinated for a long time in the stash drawer. I can’t remember which pattern I originally thought I’d do. So, think the dream swatch shawl would be a good idea?