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Blogiversary and Stargazer lilies

4 years ago (give or take a month) I started blogging here with a post about one of my cats, and how happiness should be pretty simple. The next post was about the scent of lilies (Muscadet) and valuing the unseen:

Scent can be as powerful as a time warp in a movie. It can be a simple reminder to enjoy a cool breeze on a hot night. It’s cold and fresh as fir branches under snow or warming like cinnamon and vanilla on baking day. Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most ephemeral.

Things aren’t quite so simple these days, but I suppose a lot of people are feeling the same way. But there’s still beauty and knitting, a lot of books to read… and The Gardener has created one of the best gardens. The new lilies she planted in the front yard glow in the mornings, and they dust everything that brushes against them with rusty yellow stains from their anthers. For such beauty, it’s easy to deal with the dust. With such beauty it’s easier to deal with early mornings. Sometimes, happiness is as simple as a trick of the light, some time for knitting 5 rows on a Saturday afternoon, or noticing the beach pebbles that show up in the garden when there’s a heavy rain.

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