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Not a creature was stirring

… not even a mouse.

So wrong. After observing lots of enthusiastic hunting by my furry assistants, I’m baiting the catch and release trap again. Raphael will be sad when his interactive toys are gone. Last night’s toy sat meekly in the trap with an expression that said “choices were made, and I regret all of them. Do you have any more peanut butter?”.

It’s probably a cricket anyway… actually the cats were right

Tonight, I’ve left the hunters to their own devices;

I’ve headed early to bed with hot milk, hoping for sleep.

Behind me, the cats huddle in pairs,

Furry bodies pressed against the floors,

Eyes fixed beneath the plant stand.

From tails to shoulders… they prey for mice,

While I — emphatically — pray for none.

— rjn © September 6, 2011

PS: it isn’t often that 2 of the cats decide to hunt together. I don’t know if I should be intrigued or concerned.

PPS: Dateline one half hour into September 7th. I have removed the mouse using an upended jelly jar and pushing it along the floor — the little invader had to run run run his little legs while i slid the jar over him and marched him out the back door. All 3 cats’ prayer lives are evidently more effective than mine. However, I got to play deus ex machina while alternating between praising the cats and saying “icky icky icky.”