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Tourist Elk Info

When traveling, be prepared for weird signage that may indicate other people or mammals are the target audience. Years ago, while traveling, I was in Frankenmuth, land of gnomes. Apparently the elk have their own tourism stop, where they find out how to avoid being hit by cars and how to network with other elk and how to shop for lederhosen. I’m sure there’s a mundane reason for the sign. But for now, I’m just bemused, looking back over photos from a trip to Lake Michigan.

Frankenmuth Info sign

Frankenmuth Info sign

Summer Looks Like

Now that it’s gone, I’ve been trying to figure out what was missing this summer.

Lake Michigan

Oh yeah… Lake Michigan. It’s full blown autumn there now. But this is what I think summer looks like. Stony cliffs, blueberry bushes, wildflowers, water so cold it turns your toes blue. Nothing like my backyard, although I’m getting to like the flowers and the nice things that can grow in warmer climates. So, how about you? Is it all Down-a-shore around you, or up in the mountains to get natural air conditioning? What do you dream of doing for summer vacation for next year?

And do you have any good plans for autumn? Hear it’s getting close to time for mulled cider.