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Small creative pursuits

It’s been quiet, creative-wise, around here. Due to lack of workspace and cat interventions, I’ve had to put aside some of my bigger projects (sewing machine repair so I can make a muslin, some of my painting), and focus on small things when I have time. While the cats sleep, I’ve found free time and space for:

  • Knitting washcloths
  • Stitching beads onto my counted cross-stitch kit
  • Working on the front of the Artisan’s Vest

And of course there’s reading. Current poetry book: Whereas: Poems by Layli Long Soldier. Long Soldier’s poetry is fascinating, and very different. I think I’ve reread “Steady Summer” multiple times. Link to the publisher’s page:

Here’s a taste from “Steady Summer”:

"... through half-propped 
windows I swallow
grass scent the solstice
makes a mind
wide makes it
oceanic blue ..." 

Some of the poems are hard to parse, more visual than lyrical. Other poems require me to look things up in history books, because I’m not familiar with Oglala Lakota background, environment (anything, really… and it’s my job to educate myself, since public school did not).

There have been brief travels, now that family are vaccinated, for quick visits. Seeing other environments has helped a little. And I went, fully masked, to see the Philadelphia Flower Show, which was outdoors (and kind of amazing). I’m trying to weigh what I’m comfortable with against what seems to be safe. It’s complicated…. I’ve also been limiting my time online (when not for work) and my time on Rav because I didn’t enjoy the headaches from the interface. Not sure if I will ditch my Rav account (I was one of the second wave of beta testers when the site went live). I think it depends on how weird that site gets.

So what are you reading or creating in your free time?

Sailboat docked at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Midsummer. the moon is full tonight, and we had a Midwestern kind of dessert feast — rhubarb custard pie and Willm Gewurztraminer. Afterwards we strolled in the moonshine, and at 9 PM the sky was the color of the dock in this picture. Lovely.

Alleys and byways leading to summer

I went for a walk today, and was tempted to travel down an alley towards the sunlight beyond some gloomy trees. There I saw robins playing in the sprinklers, green hedgerows, Dads setting up bar-b-ques, and lazy bees hanging on the ends of privet blooms. Midway on my lazy stroll, I found a riot of orange daylilies shining in the sun — a bright reminder that midsummer is next week. My favorite Midsummer was at a late evening outdoors concert at a garden, where we shared a picnic of grapes, cherries, bread, cheese, and hummus with friends. Hopefully, my friends, family, and acquaintances are able to take the time to savor the lazy days ahead.