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Getting back to normal-ish

Between this being the year of personal life challenges (loss of a beloved cat, loss of a dearly loved aunt) and struggling to fight against the negative energy in the air these days…. I’ve found that after I finish knit projects, I just *don’t* pick up the needles again. The world has been a bit too distracting and poisonous for me to trust my gauge. This lack of knitting mojo is not normal.

Reading has also been a bit “meh”. I’ll get started on a book, and then the characters feel flimsy, or the book doesn’t work with my mood (think I found a good one though… if it sticks to darkly farcical instead of veering into horror writing, I will be relieved).

I’ve been sketching. Nothing for the press yet, but I’m getting close. I’m contemplating something written with my next print piece, so we’ll see how far I get on it.

Today, I’m reading with a great deal of interest.

  • Ancyra by Susan Schira combines mosaic design with colors like antique smalti (visit Ancyra pattern here).
  • Wolkig by Martina Behm looks like a cowl in an upscale window on the Konigstrasse. I love how it looks, but would want to use a light, misty blue or copper for this design. Very inspiring.
  • And if you have scrap yarn that you want to show off, Longwing looks like a project that you could do while watching t.v. or reading. Am I right, or is it more complicated?
  • The cool tools section provides a lot of ideas for knitter gifts (hint, hint). Currently in love with this book.

Amy and co. have upped their game. Tusen tak!

And while things are getting back to normal-ish, the WordTapstry blog is likely to continue to be sporadic. Although I might manage to get pics up of the garden. It’s been glorious.



Shh: in the middle of finish-itis

This year, I’ve been trying to clear off personal projects (unfinished things that started out fun, but were put the wayside by my love of books).

Note to self — remember how much you love colorwork? Next time select something with an a rhythmic pattern. It’s hard to concentrate on something like Kate Gilbert’s Bird in Hand when I want to finish The House I Loved by Tatiana Rosnay (more on that later). I think I started this back in 2012 (I just checked Ravelry — more like 2009. This project has been marinating!). I’m still in the middle of the first mitten. Next time, something with a bit of colorwork then miles of stockinette might go faster. Still, I want these mittens, and hope to get started on the left one soon. If Wilkie Collins doesn’t interfere. So, what knitting projects do you select for knitting and reading? Might as well work with my strengths.

Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand

Christmas knitter confessions

OK, I’m curious. What are you looking forward to doing once the Christmas preparations are all done, people have unwrapped presents, and you no longer have deadline knitting?

Me, I have a pattern for mittens with birds on them. I have periwinkle and off-white yarn. And I have sticks. And I have very, very cold hands. Although I’ve recently heard enthusiasm from someone about what a pair of legwarmers could do in weather with snow above the bottom of the back door. So, after the tiny things created for tiny creatures are done… I will either have a case of finishitis and finish some of my other older projects. Or I’ll cast on for mittens. How ’bout you?

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