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Red sky at morning

redskyatmorning… Sailors take warning.

And here at the corner of Church and Graveyard, morning commuters should too. No one around here knows how to drive in the rain. The ominous clouds (a bit like an animation of a rosy-cheeked Spiny Norman to my mind) loomed over the Graveyard, let me know what sort of drive I’d have.

The clouds were quite beautiful, but I did spend 5 seconds wondering if the library was on fire (because one has one’s priorities).


Brick reflections

Brick reflections

Life continuously seems stuck between the old and the new. New glass in an old rehabbed building reflects the old weathered red brick of an even older building. We live, we learn, we constantly rebuild our lives. Even sinkholes let us rebuild. I could take a ring road around the city, but I’d only be stuck in traffic, missing the morning light as it warms the bricks and makes the windows dazzle. (This picture was taken last year on March 17th, on an earlier St. Patrick’s Day).